About Keyarrow

Started as Machine Guards System manufacturer, Keyarrow turned core competencies into Steel Telescopic Covers for machine tools. The brand 【Keyarrow】 bom afterwards in 1993.

For years Keyarrow had been dedicated in new products and technologies (such as CSPM) development. Now we have more than 117 patents over 18 countries, and authorized NABELL Japan for our patents, techniques, and production system in 2004.

March 2007, Keyarrow implemented KAPS (Keyarrow Production System) based on "5S+TPM", and TPS spint (Toyota Production System). Aim for "Deliver high quality product to customer's production line on time.", keep improving ourselves towards zero defects and zero customer inventories.

By continuously receiving TPM Excellence Award, Category A in 2013, and Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment in 2015, the first factory among the world who provides "complete machine protection solution", with product range covering Bellows, Telescopic Covers, Chip Conveyors and Machine Enclosure.Providing complete integration services; from development to finished products, and beyond. Keyarrow, not only the strongest support you can always count on, and more, the best partner who can greatly increase over-all competiveness for machine manufacturers.